Elwood Distilling Company is a family owned whiskey distillery in Boulder, Colorado where handcrafted, small-batch whiskey is our passion and our focus.

We don’t have a grandpa who was a moonshiner or a great uncle that came to America with a secret whiskey recipe in a steamer trunk.  There are no tall tales at Elwood Distilling Company.  Our story is our passion and commitment to making premium whiskey from scratch and our desire to push the boundaries of American craft whiskey with unique grain bills and unique wood finishes.


We strive to make whiskey that is bold, yet incredibly smooth, with flavors unlike anything you have tasted before.  We use the best ingredients we can find along with techniques borrowed from Scottish distilling tradition and Colorado brewing innovation.  We are a true grain-to-glass distillery where we mill, mash, ferment, distill, age, and bottle every batch of whiskey in house.  You will literally find our heart and soul in every bottle.

Meet Elwood, our CEO:

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